Practice areas

This bureau offers a multidisciplinary assessment and among its costumers you could find domestic or international individuals or entities. Some of our working areas are:

Real Estate Law

Assistance along the real estate purchase procedure. Assessment on Real Estate Law and mortgage legislation. Notary, registry and taxes management. Resumption oan interrupted chain of registration.

Collection Procedures

Judicial and extra-judicial recovery procedures, with or without documentary evidence, like cheques, promissory notes, letters of credit, etc.

Banking Law

Contracts of derivatives, swaps or similar are often subjected to litigation, after its commercialization peak in last years. Also, claims attached to stock shares purchasepreferred stocksconvertible bonds or takeovers are frequent, as abusive banking conditions as floor clauses while hiring a mortgage loan.  

International Law

You will find also assessment in International Private Law, having at your disposition a wide network of lawyers in other countries, the way that through this bureau you could solve your matters in other jurisdictions. Negotiation and drafting of agreements, like Foreign Agency Agreements, are also at your disposition.

Investment Supervisory Service

Before completing any kind of investment, a detailed study is at your disposition, regarding bank and para-bank contracts, guaranties and covers, and also investment conditions, which is an outstanding matter to consider: where and who is caring about your savings.

Criminal Law

This office offers assistance in case of arrest or detention, and assessment and legal representation, as a plaintiff or accused, in felony or offense trials.

Civil Law

Contracting assessment, in a consultancy or litigation level. Also you may have an answer regarding rentalscommonhold or condominiumpurchasewarrantsReal Estate Law, etc.

Commercial Law 

Full assessment to entities and self-employed individuals, acting in a friendly or litigious way, defending commercial interestcreating societiescapital increasedrafting statutes, etc.  

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